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We struggle with our ethics when it comes to performing traditional trap-neuter-release (TNR).  Rather we prefer trap-neuter-rehome as we believe every cat deserves a home.  4000 years ago cats are one animal that became domesticated with people.  Today people are undoing what the Egyptians learned long ago that cats belong with people.  If feral cats annoy you, remember they didn't chose to be homeless. 


Despite us not considering ourselves a typical TNR group we will provide the service for overpopulated colonies.  Although we don't believe in the actual premise of TNR, it is better than nothing.  One of the biggest obstacles with TNR, which makes it an ineffective solution is because it relies on the public to take the initiative to report a colony in need. Please call a TNR group directly, such as NFLB, or dialing #311 (Animal Control) who refers people to a TNR group closest to the colony neighborhood.  Most people wait or assume someone else should make the call because "they aren't my problem," "they can fend for themselves" or worse excuse of all, "eventually they'll die or move away if no one cares for them."  All poor pathetic inhumane excuses and all of them are inaccurate.  By the time someone does call (if they do) many colonies have become very large.  We work with several small colonies as well.  Kudos to those caretakers who have taken the initiative and humanely controlled a problem in the most legally effective way possible available in the Denver area.

It is often difficult to find colony caretakers.  However, it is a task that comes with a high reward.  It is appreciated if you would feed and provide water to the felines, so they are healthy for surgery and afterward, so they continue to stay healthy.  Providing shelter(s) is also ideal and can be found free or be cheaply made.  If you can't afford food, fresh water is better than nothing as clean water is hard to find and vital for their health and grooming.  During the winter, please make sure to freshen frozen water or get a heated water bowl.  Contact us if you have a stray cat population problem as we provide trapping service. We'll take your stray cats to be spayed and neutered as well.  We do not charge but donations are appreciated. 

If you live outside our service area, please refer to the link at Denver Metro CATS to see who might be able to help.  If you have a large number of strays, using a charity in your local area is best.  We will go outside our local area, but we will require a donation and will need to determine if it is financially feasible.  Using someone in your local area is best.  

Lovable kitty with ear tip

Once a feral cat has been spayed/neutered, the veterinarian will clip the left ear to indicate the cat has been fixed.  The "ear-tip" is the universal symbol of a neutered feral. The primary purpose is so if the cat is trapped again, the cat can be automatically released.

That's great there is a way to recognize a fixed feral, but sometimes cats need to be re-trapped for medical purposes, or maybe they shouldn't have been labeled feral.  For example, Stinker above looks rather content laying on a bed indoors.  He had injuries from fighting before being trapped. Therefore, we assess carefully before returning any to the colony although we know it's necessary and we have some great colony caretakers helping protect those that do return. 


We understand there aren't enough places that offer assistance to community cats and cat owners above the poverty line, but they still are struggling due to circumstances beyond one's control.  Therefore we have formed a temporary cat food assistance application to get a cat owner through a difficult time, such as a job layoff or high medical expenses.  Also, we want people to be able to feed outdoor strays and ferals once they have been spayed and neutered.  We want responsible colony caretakers as in "fix the ones you feed."  It should be noted feeding bans have scientifically been proven not to work because cats are very territorial.  Again our help, whether with colony feeding or a pet cat, is temporary and just meant to get someone through a difficult time.  Click here to get started for temporary assistance.  If you have questions or if you're a colony caretaker and have a shelter need, please contact us.